-- Vision --

Aliyah Nura (Highest Light)
It's all about the Light

-- Mission --

The CCS celebrates Artistic excellence
by exploring and encouraging
the crisscrossing of various Creative Disciplines
and inspiring others to do the same.

-- Artist's Statement --

I am an Artist, Illustrator, Cartoonist, Graphic Novelist, Scribe and Teacher,
and, in the words of Marc Chagall,
"I work in whatever medium likes me at the moment."

[From the Art Brush]
I am greatly inspired by Pop Art, the Superhero Culture, Comic Book Art, Movies and Spirituality,
and have a near-unhealthy obsession with the use of bright colours.

My Painting Process combines variations of Oil, Acrylic, Ink and Encaustic,
while my Technique enthusiastically incorporates the element of chance,
allowing selected mediums to bring their own uniqueness to the piece.

My artwork is fuelled by the Geek Sub-Culture: thousands like me who draw their
strength and inspiration from fictional heroes by embracing their passion for
Superheroes, Epic Adventures, Fantasy and Wonder.

It is about man's ability to imagine and believe and also his ability to draw strength from this belief.
It is about becoming something greater by believing in something greater.

[From the Pencil]
"Genesis for Beginners," my nearly completed Graphic Novel, explores the
well-known tale of Adam & Eve from a Humorous and Spiritual angle.
Finished Pages can be viewed on my website, www.vernonfourie.co.za.

The "I Believe" Coffee Mugs is a series of Illustrations
executed in Pen, Ink & Mixed Media and printed onto Ceramic Mugs.
As a Collection the "I Believe" Illos celebrate Passion, Belief and Wonder.

[From the Marker]
Scribing, a more recent addition to my Creative Journey,
takes me to the Boardrooms of the Corporate world where I visually document
thoughts and ideas in a simplified and humorous way.
Projects range from Visual Harvesting during Workshops and Forums
to Audio-Visual Recordings for Presentations.
Companies include, amongst others, Capitec Bank and Old Mutual.

[From the Heart]
ToonSchool, my monthly Cartoon Sessions for Teenagers and Adults,
is dedicated to the teaching of hand-drawn Cartoons and Illustrations
to those who either wish to learn from scratch, would like to further their own illustrative skill
or are interested in pursuing a Career in the fast-growing Illustration & Animation Industries.

May the Creative Force be with You!!! V.